The stud was founded in 1987 with the acquisition by Don André Garnier of the first horses:

The mare "Sevillana XXI 1980", coming from the stud of doña Catalina Domínguez de Alarcón de la Lastra, with her four months old offspring, a bay filly by "Noticiero IV". The mare "Melodía 1981", by "Noticiero IV" and out of "Gaviota VIII 1975", from the stud of Don Adrián Collado. The mare "Tamborilera II", by "Tamborilero" and out of "Lega", from Don Fernando Batalla.

The mares "Retadora II" and Montanera II", both from the brand of the Marqués de Salvatierra. The mare "Camboria III 1970", from the brand of Peralta and the mare "Diplomática VIII", from the brand of Tomás Batalla.

Later on, the following mares also were purchased:

The mare "Alegría XIII" from the brand of Salvador Cortés García. The mares "Cartujana XXV" and "Cartujana XXVI", from the brand of Don Ronald Xirinachs, both by "Gorrón IV" and out of the Lovera mare "Lunera 1978".

Also "Toledana V 1976" from the brand of Douglas Soto, "Madrileña XIV 1978", "Nevada XII 1982" and "Monarca II", from the brand of Don Carlos Alvarado.

These mares were bred to stallions from other studs like:

"Ufano IV", from the brand of Hierro del Bocado, "Churrumbel IV", from Don Manuel Martínez Bolois, "Campero V", from don Carlos Alvarado Mora, "Calesero III", from the brand of Don Manuel de Urquijo y Nogales, "Habón II", from Don José María Conde Muñoz, "Vanidoso II", from the brand of Hierro del Bocado, "Famoso XVI", from Don Ronald Xirinachs, "Castañero", from Don José Ramón Blanco Bueno, "Gorrón IV" from Joaquín Buendía Peña, "Jabato IX", from Francisco Lazo, purchased by the stud in 1991, "Estudiante XII", from Don Pedro Cárdenas, "Estimado V", from the brand of Don José Manuel Urquijo y Nogales.

In 1991 the stallion "Postinero VI" and the mares "Peseta II", both by "Atlántico 1981", and also the mares "Querencia II" and "Quimera IX", by "Letrado II", all coming from the stud of Fernández de la Vega.

In 1997 the colts "Dinamita VIII" and "Definitivo" from the stud of don Ignacio Bravo Martínez, both brothers of "Atiza II", by "Binguero".

Since the beginning the stud has put a special interest in the functionality of the horses and their training, the correct use in different disciplines: from High School Dressage, Doma Vaquera and Driving. In the stud, as a part of the selection process all the animals, both males and females, are trained.

From the brand of Fernández de la Vega: "Postinero VI" and "Eclipse XLII".

From the brand of our stud: "Quebranto AG".

From the brand of Candau: "Toronjo III"

The Stallion Toronjo III was imported from Spain, brother of Hindú who was the Female Champion of Spain in SICAB (2000,2002). Toronjo has been recognized with several prices, he was Central Amercian Champion in Expica 2004, Functionality Champion in 2004 and 2006, Champion of the Breed in 2004 and 2006. The following are some of Toronjo's descendants:

  • Pirueta AG, Champion Mare and Functionality Champion, Bonanza 2009.
  • Quebranto AG, Young Male Champion, Bonanza 2006 y Male Champion born in Costa Rica, 2009.
  • Serpentina AG, Young Female Champion, Bonanza 2009.
  • Química AG

Rumba AG, Relatora AG, Sinfonía AG, Sofía AG, Talamanca AG, Toronja AG, Usurera AG, Venus AG, Verbena AG, Santiago AG, Sancho AG, Torrejón AG, Toronjo AG, Trovador AG, Turrón AG, Tango AG, Tamarindo AG, Titanio AG, Tenor AG, Tuno AG, Ulises AG, Utilero AG, Ungido AG, Vencedor AG y Valeroso AG.

The products of the stud, in spite of descending from different bloodlines, have a great homogeneity. The objective is the long term quality and the longevity of the animals. For this reason our animals are handled from their birth with this objective in mind. Living in freedom, they are pushed to exercise in freedom and never forced to exercise in a ring until after they reach the age of three. All horses are broken and trained naturally. The horses all take part in different disciplines, from dressage, not only shows for the PRE horses, but also in competitions open to all breeds.